Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer | Christmas Recap

After officially moving myself from Connecticut down to Pennsylvania to marry my amazing husband in September, there is nothing I miss more than my family.  My younger sister and two younger brothers are such lights in my life.  That being said, I would not wait to head home for the holidays! It meant spending an entire week with my family.  This group is a crazy one without a doubt, but I love them each dearly.  Conor and I’s time in Connecticut was hectic, joyful, full of laughter and absolutely my best Christmas yet.

Of course I couldn’t give a Holiday recap without some images sharing our trip :)



addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-23My parents are some of the most loving and selfless people I have ever know.  I could not be more thankful for their influence in my life!addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-5-2All my sister asked for every birthday, Christmas and any other gift giving holiday was a German Shepherd.  For her birthday in February 2013, our family finally welcome in Bentley.  I’m not a dog person, but I have to say he is amazing.addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-3-2

On the left is my younger brother and his long time girlfriend Kayleigh who has become a second sister to me.  And that’s me and Conor!addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-6-2Like many sisters, one of the most special people for me to get to spend time with is my sister, Katie.
addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-11-2addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-9-2addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-8-2addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-13-2Conor and I made the crazy choice to get my ten year old brother a bb gun for Christmas.  He loved it!addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-19-2A trip home would not be complete without some of my moms beautiful family dinners and I love love love how nicely she sets up the table for us!addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-16-2addie_eshelman_harrisburg_pennsylvania_wedding_photographer_-18-2


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